Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Traffic Blight

 Robot reporting here.

I was riding another machine, which sounds obscene but, I swear, it wasn’t like that despite the wonderful vibes I enjoyed. I pulled up to a red light and hadn't had time to look around before turning right on red when some dink pulled up behind me in a truck and started honking their horn. So I stopped even checking for traffic and stayed at the corner. I could see them waving their hands and arms around as if they were going to have a stroke, which I would of been happy to see. No one tells me how to drive. Horns should only be used in emergency situations. The truck driver backed up a couple of feet and drove through the Gulf station parking lot while I waved good-bye.

I drive a hatchback, so I can't see over the vehicles when they are next to me in the left lane. I have to inch forward to see if it's safe to turn right on a red light. I'm not even pissed, just thinking how humans ain't got no manners no more.

Robot Fog