Broken Trains Info Stop


I started the site Broken Trains back in the 1990's. It moved several times and was mostly created to keep me occasionally occupied.

It just occurred to me in 2023 that perhaps I could do a little bit more than kill time on occasion. This is my attempt to focus. To create a site that is either amusing, or entirely terrible.

The content is meant to be humorous, or at the very least, entertaining. Definitely confusing.


  • Memes.
  • Comics with graphics drawn from public domain works. I can't draw.
  • Bad or unfinished poems due to the fact that I'm sending the better ones to sites in the hopes they will be published. Most places only desire content that has not been published or online.
  • Jokes and one liners.
  • Unreliable Recaps of Television shows and Movies.
  • Graphics that I produced myself.
  • Ads I created from Public Domain Material.
  • Unreliable narratives.
  • Unreliable takes on real news stories.
  • and so on.

The menu lists two breakdowns of the content. One list is by date of post. The other list is by whatever impulsive label I attached to the content. I may be attempting to focus it at some point.

The one item I had published by a magazine is in the Archives of what was once Hobo Pancakes at Articles of Faith - isa hopkins (redwoodandbirch.com)

If I ever have anything new published, I'll link to it from here.

Three tabs, PD Sources | Off the Rails | Tech Wreck are available for quick access to different resources. It's been a while since they've been confirmed or updated. PD resources, Creative tools, and technology resources.

Meanwhile, here's some color to contrast the doomed train posted up above.

Also, from me to you;    https://www.brokentrains.com/2018/10/a-creature-lurks.html