Saturday, January 14, 2023

The Possible Adventures of Duck Rubberson

by Jack Human

This is a story about a possible story.

Confusing? Get used to it

I'm probably going to forget this in 12 seconds so I'm writing it now. Live!

I have an idea for a character named Duck Rubberson. It is supposed to be a series.

The first story is an origin story where a duck is flying innocently through the sky and hears a duck call. Answering the duck call, the duck is shot by ex-television personality, Phil Robertson. As the buckshot tears through the innocent duck's body, lightning strikes and connects the duck to Robertson electrically and combines their molecules and DNA.

Thus is born Phil "Duck" Rubberson who goes on a weird rampage. [this is where a lot of weird things happen that I forgot] The duck's mother asks someone to help her son and the duck is separated from Robertson, but the duck still has a beard and a hat. And can speak English (better than Robertson) heh. No one cares what condition Robertson is in considering he tried to assassinate the duck to begin with.


The stories are titled "Furthering the Adventures of Duck Rubberson" and they revolve around the bearded duck. Robertson is generally out of the picture unless he becomes Duck's villain.

I considered trying to draw this but I can't draw. I had a whole dialog with the duck's mother and Phil "Duck" Rubberson when he was on a rampage, but that is gone now, for you see, I am old and my brain cells frail.