Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Just what choice is there?

Just what choice is there?

by Jack Human

I hear there's a law that says you cannot kill another person (unless your government asks you to). Well, that law has not prevented me from killing anybody. I choose to not kill. Murder is abhorrent as well as immoral to me. So, I have consciously decided to never kill anyone. To be honest, I'm too lazy to kill a person. Imagine the amount of work that goes into such an act. You decide on a victim, you may need to order some supplies, you have to decide on the method, and then, worst of all, you have to set your damned clock, so that you get to your victim in the time and place you planned for the deed.

Another issue is that no matter how well you plan to delete a person, there is a possibility of having to face them. Imagine that you decide to stab someone with a knife. You shove the knife in the person's belly, but that doesn't kill them. Now they are looking at you and asking, "Why? I just loaned you money last week?" and you're stuck having to explain, "Exactly. I used it to buy this knife and I don't want to pay you back."

I’d like to add that if I hadn't decided to not kill people, there would be a sizable body count. Part of my issue is that I would be stopped long before I finished my work, and I don't feel comfortable leaving important tasks unfinished.

And those are the reasons I choose to not murder a person. What are your reasons (if you have any)?