Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Robot's Ideas

 Robot's Ideas

Hey everybody, (except you),

What's coming off? I've been working on some things that I believe will be helpful. Here's my list.

1. Create a hotline and plenty of advertisements for the hotline. The hotline is aimed at people who fantasize about committing crimes. It seems that there are people who fantasize over and over about committing a crime. Sometimes, the fantasy is a violent one, sometimes it isn't. Maybe some victims (and the courts) would be spared if someone were to see an ad that was to prompt them to call and talk to someone before acting out their fantasies or compulsions. This applies to all uncommitted crimes excluding taking a selfie while sitting in a car which, upon admission of desire, will result in instant incarceration.

2. Find a way to turn sand into water. Sand is just made out of stupid molecules, not one of which has ever completed grade school. It seems reasonable that it could be deconstructed at the molecular level and, if there's hydrogen and oxygen in there, it could be reconstructed as water. The remaining molecules could just be thrown out, although, I'm certain there are people who'd like to send them to their congressperson.

3. Create Vegetables that can grow in the desert nearly, if not exactly, as well as cactus plants do. I believe there are humans who, at this very moment, are wasting their time in strip clubs when they could contribute the time to the study of botany and climate.

4. Travelers can stay at a fire station, homeless shelter, or some other public facility in order to contribute their non-business time to helping others. This may provide a small number of volunteer travelers enough leeway to escape going to hell like 98.998 percent of humans ultimately will.

5. Christmas could be made nondenominational so that all religions can be included. It could be called Observance day. The intention with this idea is not to minimize Jesus or the faith his followers place in him. The point is to get even more people to gather for spiritual reasons and to bring a greater diversity of faiths together at the same time despite referring to their deities by different names. The heart of the matter is to encourage a greater respect for your differences.

Then, at a later date, I could be burned for heresy.

6. Stop eating other mammals, you miserable savages. This applies if you are NOT in a life and death situation. One day, every human who unnecessarily devours another mammal will be put on trial.