Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Fill in the blank

  Fill in the blank

Hi kids! Fill in the blank [   ].  Have hours of fun with the entire family. 


Dear [     ],

You’re a pig and a freak. Corpses are more human than you are. The fact that you weren’t stillborn proves without a doubt that there is no god.

I’d say “see you in hell” but hell has standards.




Monday, August 7, 2023

Trial by Terror

Trial by Terror

A boy in his teens is perched upon the witness stand in a court room. He is well dressed in a stylish suit and is wearing a mask on his face.

Judge: "... go on, young man."

The boy: "He made me wear a legless bodysuit..." 

The boy breaks down a little bit. Tears run down his face from beneath the mask which is somewhat slim as it wraps around the upper part of his face. His face is fairly clear except for the mask which passes over his eyes, and, of course, his tears as they run down from beneath the mask.

The boy squirms around a bit and regains some of his composure.

The boy (sniffling a little): "and he made me wear... he made me wear... a yellow cape!"

There is an audible gasp from the observers in the court room.

District Attorney: "Is the man who forced you to wear this humiliating clothing here in this courtroom?"

The Boy: "Yes."

District Attorney: "For the benefit of the jury, can you point to the man who treated you so abhorrently?"

The Boy: "Yes."

District Attorney: "Will you please point to him now?"

The boy points across the courtroom to the table where the defendent is slouching.

District Attorney: "Please tell us the name of this monster who treated you so abominably!"

The boy: "His name is, Batman!"

A gasp arises from the jury as though they had no idea of where the testimony was leading. Batman sits up straight and waves to Robin who is on the witness stand. The District Attorney turns to Batman.

District Attorney: "What could you possibly have to say for yourself!"

Batman: "Well I would have used a monkey but I needed a sidekick who could dress himself."