Saturday, January 14, 2023

Dick's Dribble

Robot Fog (impersonating Dick's Dribble in order to steal his mortgage)

Hi. It’s me, Dick Dribble, again.

Some of you may remember me from such elongated articles such as "nuffin' to write yer home about" or "I didn't go to summer camp because I was a-scared of the girls and this documentary video shows why."

catfight on Spider Island

Today I want to invite you to visit my website which reviews movies, books, music, and many other forms of culture, popular or otherwise.

Thrill as our social discourse is made up entirely of YouTube and Vimeo videos of television talk show hosts making witty observations of current events!

Lock your knees together and control your excitement over our articles composed entirely of screenshots of tweets we quote in order to appear as if our writers are writing!

We also cover the most current unimportant news of the day by referring to sources other than our own site which have already repeated and shared articles and pieces that present unresearched events and opinions as facts.

Hate the president of the United States? Well, who doesn’t? We’ll post every attack, funny, meaningful, obscure, overt, “in his face”, true, false, current, past, repetitive, pointless, and needlessly tiresome in order to boost your confirmation bias.

So stop whacking it on all those clickbait sites you love so much. Bookmark Dick’s Dribbles and learn what you’ll wish you’d never known.

*** Editor's note. Excrement was misspelled as excitement. ***