Saturday, January 14, 2023

Discorde of the Concorde

Robot Fog 

July 18, 2019


There was a movie made called The Concorde: Airport ‘79’

It’s got George Kennedy who could do no wrong, which you would know if you were wearing peanut butter.

The inside of the Concorde is the size of a phone booth. For young people who hadn’t existed 700 years ago, a phone booth is a vertically standing glass coffin people used to stand inside of in order to make phone calls while experiencing how cramped and alone they may feel at their funeral.

There really was a letter ‘e’ on the end of “Concord” in order to differentiate between the town and the flying machine. This was necessary due to the vast number of people who assumed the town of Concord would transport them across the Atlantic Ocean.

For young people, flying machines don’t exist. Real machines will merely teleport to wherever they really want to be.

The Atlantic Ocean is a telecommunications company known for utilizing sound waves in a manner which would end with the individual wishing they were in a coffin.