Sunday, March 12, 2023

The Hollow, Classroom

I don't know if this is anything. It's like it starts out with a possible purpose and then just crumbles until it dangles. 


Oh, and I legally changed my name to "Nelson Fluffernutter" 

the following a-be the thing


The Hollow

Inside the hollow emptiness

where the Flying Dutchman has made its home

live and die the trolls in their chains

trying to make deals with the gnomes.

“Who invented this darkness?”,

inquires a dwarf with a pain.

Just then enters a hypnotist

who’s been waiting in the rain

with his eyeballs all bloodshot

from the mercury in his brain.

He raises his watch to his eye

and declares all self-satisfied

“You should not ask who.

what you should ask, is why.”

“You should not ask who but, why.”

(If all the Beings

of the written sky

would only reveal

their naked eyes…)


Required follow up:

Now, does the writer give the impression they have a working intellect?

Does the writer favor the hypnotist or the trolls? What about the imaginary character the writer didn't even bother to write into the piece?

Was it necessary for the writer to restate "you should not ask who" as though they had forgotten what they were attempting to accomplish?

If the writer asked nicely, would you hand over the keys to your automobile?

Is that a Twisted Sister pin on your uniform?