Saturday, March 18, 2023

crucifixion needs a-fixin’

This is dim. I wrote it because I saw a dirty picture of Jesus in someone's house. I wrote it to the tune of the theme song from "Eight is Enough" which I can't even remember.

I'm not even going to pretend this is anything but goofy. Someone told me that for me to write a song about Jesus is like a worm describing daylight.

That's right! I'm a worm and I'm proud of it! I writhe and I squirm and I aerate the earth. You want some some aeration? Come get some!


crucifixion needs a-fixin’

There’s a replica of the crucifixion

hanging by the kitchen door.

The television is across the room

sitting hunched upon the floor.

It is there by the glowing screen

where all the family's eyes are locked.

They all stare at the flickering screen,

              shining new and never rusting

              from its’ just recent cleaning,

and back just across the room

hanging where he’s always been,

as it’s always been the custom,

Jesus is in need of dusting.

There’s a picture of Jesus Christ

hanging on the wall by the staircase.

The family runs up and down

to and fro, in and out,

but while they often stop

at the bottom of the steps

by the table with the vase

to kick the dirt from their feet

that they’ve been dragging through the mud

noone who stops looks to see

the picture of our savior

almost hidden ‘neath the dust.

And, if you’ve been living like this

you should know it for yourself

that you can’t blame anyone else

for the dirt you keep in your house.

So get your rags and your broom

and your sponge and your mop.

Clean the shadows from your eyes

and the cobwebs from your heart.

Let your window panes be cleaned

and show clearer than their glass.

Let the new morning shine through

to defrost the frost of the past.

Then when your neighbors come visit

and are standing in your hall,

let them see the clean pictures

that you hang upon your wall.

Let them see that your heart is wide open

toward the man who paid his great price,

the man who gave his life upon the cross,

the man we all know as Jesus Christ.