Tuesday, October 23, 2018

My ruined bath / the maytricks

My ruined bath

I was in the bath tub when the phone rang. It was Darth Vader. He was telling me how earlier, he'd been strangling some stupid official of the empire when he was hanging out at the Death Star. Vader kept laughing. Apparently he thought the incident was funny. I was wicked high, though, so when I was laughing, it was at the sound of Vader's voice. I kept thinking it was the phone talking to me and not someone at the other end of the connection. Eventually, I told the phone it was a jerk for disturbing my bath and I hung up on it.

I remember one time I was eating with Darth Vader and a huge clump of hot cheese dripped from his pizza and got on his breastplate. I didn't tell him and he spent the rest of the day wondering why people were staring at him. This was about 2 weeks after he disrupted my bath.

the maytricks

The Matrix is on. I'm wondering what Morpheus does in his off time. Does he play tennis? Baseball? He must do something. I would think he'd go crazy if he spends all his time thinking about the Matrix.

When old Morph offered Neo the two pills, one red. one blue, claiming that one pill would return Neo to his old life and the other pill would open him up to the truth, Neo should have taken them both so he could stay where he was. What's Morpheus going to do, run to the cops and claim that Neo ate all his drugs?

Just because you CAN wake people up from a nice orderly life and introduce them to the reality of garbage-dump world, does it mean you SHOULD do this?

"Relax. We're not going to give you pain killers while we stick these metal instruments into your body and do stuff, so relax. Pretend you're not here. Pretend you're in another place, a nice place, a place kind of like a matrix."

This movie of full of laughs.