Friday, March 8, 2024

Sunday Surprise

Sunday Surprise

I turned on the TV

early one morning

A man came on

Moaning and groaning -

“I need your help

send me your money.

I want to build a world

made of milk and honey.”

How to tell if he

meant what he said?

I blinked my eyes

and shook my head.

Wouldn’t you know

he was on again

and before you could pray,

he’d taken me in.

He said, “Peace & love

are a rotten lie.

Follow me or else

your soul will die.

And anyway,

I need a new kitchen.

So send your money

my palms are itchin’.”

I was thinkin’ twice

about his line

then he said something

to change my mind.

He explained about art

‘cause it’s all evil

showed me what it’s done

to all the people.

He said, “look at the world.

It’s all wrong.

I’ve got a plan

to make it strong.”

He told me to avoid

Muslims, atheists, & Jews.

He said God don’t grant

the right to choose.

He wrote a book,

40 dollars a print,

it tells you what

the bible really meant.

It tells about earth

it tells about heaven

it tells you to vote for him

in the next election.

He told me to fear,

told me not to talk,

told me that God almighty

was watching my clock.

I put down my beer

I was getting scared

I just about jumped

right out of my chair.

Well, I went out

bought his book

showed him my soul

so that he could look.

He asked me to give

until I was broke

then he ran off to live

with the Holy Ghost