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Take the Pill

Take the Pill

A man saw a Crestor commercial on television. Worried he might have a problem and not having seen a doctor for some years, he decided to see a doctor. The doctor had bad news and told the man his cholesterol was really high. The doctor said he would be prescribing a pill for the issue and that the man should take the pill each day.

The man responded, "Are you a fucking moron? I can't take the same fucking pill every day. Why don't you prescribe a bottle filled with pills and I will take a different pill each day?"

The doctor thought hard on what the man had said and wrote up a prescription for poison rather than Crestor though some people might consider them to be the same thing.


Required follow up:

Now, what does the writer of this tale tell you about the man? Is the writer's view of the man favorable?

What is the writer's opinion of the doctor? Do you think the writer approves of the casual shirt the doctor had worn to his practice that day?

Do you believe doctors exist, or do you think the writer made them up?

Whom do you believe is correct, the patient, or the doctor?

Try writing a story similar to this. Then burn it because no one wants to see it.

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