Saturday, December 16, 2023

Billy Tudor’s Frosty Meltdown

 Billy Tudor’s Frosty Meltdown

"For Frosty the snow man

Had to hurry on his way,

But he waved goodbye saying,

"Don't you cry,

I'll be back again someday.”

We never saw Frosty again after that day. As the children grew up, several believed the entire episode had been a false memory of a game played with friends.

There were rumors that young Billy Tudor committed suicide when he was 25 because he couldn't bare to live without the resolution of Frosty's promise to be back again someday. Billy had become addicted to drugs at the age of 13. Some feel he could not handle the stress of fearing over Frosty's unknown fate. If only there had been a telegram or voicemail letting us know Frosty was still okay. As it was, none of us knew whether Frosty ever lost the hat again, or whether he made it in time to the North Pole. Some suspected Climate Change may have destroyed Frosty. Whatever it was that happened to Frosty once he skipped town, it was far too much for Billy Tudor to endure the uncertainty of simply not knowing.