Sunday, July 23, 2023

Bad day, face down in the cabbage, Honey!

 Bad day, face down in the cabbage, Honey!

"Thay ain't no way outta here!", - shouts

The estranged waiter as he blocks the exits and goes

to crouch back in his corner in the kitchen 

which he refuses to leave until 

he sees hisself getting a tip

despite toppling a bowl of sludge

upon the surly skulls of messident Goober

and his chronics.

A cranky elevator operator


                 house detective 

throws a half empty puket of shrink

over the oval head that anchors the waiter's 

mewling face to his shirt/vest.

Some substance similar to seafood sauce 

drips & drips & drips

eternally, eternally dripping,

uncomfortably close to the waiter’s nosetrails. 

Funny powerful short monkey-like breaths of terror 

Begin shoooosting out from the waiter’s face

like enraged, yet invalid, worms.

The elevator operator


        house detective 

looks to the table at which

messident goober and his chronics crouch with their hunger.

Their majestically comical brows are lowered. 

The Goob has no wash to wash. 

He is Goober who lives in the house of Dwight. 

Low paid locals perform Goober’s chump work and 

clean up the remnants of the waiter's dripping sludge.

Goober's FBI certified Doctor A-Okays the sludge 

as being clean of germs and/or other contaminants.

The doctor states, - “no living being or mutation 

can survive the barren landscape 

of goober's unholy unconscionable soul.

Just ask the FDA.”

The waiter doesn't receive his tips. He be a-taken to a cell 

where he be told that he be no longer a part of the waiter society and class. 

And, as such, having been stripped of his rankness,

he is terrifying, if not to others, then certainly, to himself. 

The waiter is told to go serve his self - if he can find it.

"Some crazy-like things just drip, while others explode."