Thursday, February 15, 2024

Miserable Poemetricle Shorts

 Numbered in reverse order: (according to the amount of pain they inflict)


I am the last ray of the final setting of the sun


Sunlight soothes my eyes

A warm wind calms my nerves

For God’s sake, make it stop!


I live today

I breathe today

Today is not the best of days


Get a grip

Inject your lip

Here’s a tip

Don’t slip

Don’t flip

Don’t drip

you ain’t hip


the exiter

people come, people go

or, as they say,

"you can be replaced"

on and off the stage

like players in a play

speaking lines of hello-goodbye,

people come, people go

and of course,

"you can be replaced".

but, if you're good,

if you're really really good,

you will leave an empty space

You sons of bitches


One pill makes you swallow

Another pill makes you fall

And the ones the dealer sells you

Throw you up hard against the wall

Don’t take any meds with malice

Unless you want your brain to stall


One snowflake

two snowflakes

three snowflakes

Snow Snow Snow is all I see

man this snow is thrilling me


I am a bonehead

my head is thick with bone

if it weren't for other boneheads

I would truly feel alone


Satan smells like a bad burrito.

Almonds make me cry. 

Dire Straights won't play my town. 

Orange is an edible color.

A plane flies overhead thru swamps of clouds. 

Tarantulas live for the day they are to be eaten. 

Monkeys don't lie. Buffalo don't fly.

Shamu, the killer whale, is a guy. 

Towels can sting your eye. 

Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye



Do what you have to do

Do what you need to do

Do what you want to do

How do you do?


He wasn’t you

You were him

He’ll never know you

You do know him

He is fortunate

More so than I