Thursday, February 2, 2023

Miserable Poemetrical Shorts 2

 some junk looking for abuse


I am fabulous like a dog leaping through dry desert air.
I will bite.


the lonely messiah grapples

with the true meaning of the cheese

as his disciples end in the dust

of a meteoric rise and the flattening fall

back to the molecular ball.


Nobody knows these things

Nobody knows those things

Nobody knows anything

Whatever it is you think you know

Will not admit to knowing you


I have died

and I have died

and I have died

and not once,

twice, or three times.




Today I have died.

I know tomorrow,

I will die.

And, having died,

will live to die again.


My brain.

It ain’t on fire.

It don’t burn nor turn

It’s a flat tire


Living can be traumatic.

Living with asteroid addiction

can be brutally traumatic.

Avoid possible extinction.

Don’t be hit by asteroids.

Avoid trauma.

Avoid birth.

If you should see your future parents

about to conceive you,

kick their private parts off.

Take control of your trauma.

Before asteroids take control of you


Barfley Shoestink

Smelly Salivas

Nickelodeon Giggling

And Allass B. Tokenslot

All walk into a bar together.

Not one of them leaves alive

Because Nipplelips Rage murdered them


When you’re deranged

Pickles shoot out from your brain

The sludge in your blood refuses to drain

Angels refrain from singing your name

Copulating with mice makes you feel sane

When you’re deranged


a renegade mosquito bite 

sent me to see the doctor

my arm stiff and swollen at the elbow

not very easy to move

the doctor told me

the rate of allergies is rising

with the depletion of the ozone layer

"yeah", i thought,

"let's strip the blanket from the earth

and have the insects watch us squirm for a while"

we will all grow old together

and fry